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Portuguese Golden Visa, EU Residency Permit Laws
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Our expert team is made up of legal experts, fiscal / tax advisors, and award winning property experts all with one clear and transparent agenda. To provide you the best service possible with the least stress or issue.

New residency laws in Portugal make Portugal one of the most attractive and financially efficient EU states to live in, either full time or with dual residency. Residency in Portugal will allow you free passage to all EU member states including Germany, Spain and France. You do not have to live in Portugal to take advantage of the golden visa which extends to family members.

We are able to offer complete residency packages which includes the compulsory freehold property purchase.  We work in partnership directly with leading developers/landlords that hold the best property portfolios available. We have negotiated exclusive deals for our clients which we are confident cannot be equalled. If you need income from your investment we are able to offer performing portfolios and a range of business opportunities as well as conventional property investment.  

If you are looking for a bespoke property or portfolio of properties tailored to your own design input which can be built and stage paid to suit your personal situation we can introduce you to our preferred firm of Portuguese registered architects who will contact you and discuss in English. We have identified and option secured various approved land parcels to allow you to dictate area and design for your residency project.